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Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide is manufactured in an electric arc furnace that produces an extremely tough, long-lasting grain.  It may be repeatedly recirculated and is chemically stable and not affected by alkalis, acids or harmful atmospheres.

Coal Slag Abrasives

Coal Slag offers enhanced speed and cutting for superior cleaning ability. A larger number of gradations means you can be more confident in achieving your target profile. We have the product to blast through the toughest epoxies and layers of old paint, as well as the finesse to remove light rust and mill scale.

Corn Cob Media

Corn Cob is an organic abrasive that will clean and polish without damaging the surface. Corn Cob is used as an alternative to other organic abrasives, such as Walnut Shell, when there are concerns with plant oils staining the substrate or affecting coating adhesion.

Crushed Glass

Crushed Glass is manufactured from 100% recycled glass. It directly helps reduce landfill waste and limits the use of more toxic slags. Non-reactive and inert, it can be used near and around water. It also doesn’t require post-blast cleaning. Crushed glass delivers a natural whiter metal finish. It causes significantly less embedment issues—up to five times less than slags and many other expendable abrasives. The dust produced when using glass abrasives is translucent which can allow for increased visibility and operator production, when compared to other abrasives.


Garnet is harder, heavier and more durable than other abrasive blasting media. It cuts faster and significantly increases productivity while reducing abrasive consumption.  Garnet is ideally suited to recycling when used in blast-room settings, typically providing three to five turns, making it one of the most economical mineral abrasives on the market.

Glass Beads

For metal cleaning, finishing, peening and deburring.Rapid results: clean, finish, peen and deburr in one stepControlled results: clean finish without significant metal removal or changing tolerances.

Plastic Media

From paint stripping to adhesive removal to coating removal, abrasive blasting and bead blast media can eliminate and remove stubborn materials from a variety of surfaces.  Plastic blasting media is perfect for the removal of unwanted materials from a variety of components, from aircrafts and automobiles, to engines and electronics, to boats and other recreational vehicles. Whether you’re in need of an automotive paint stripper, an aircraft paint stripper, or a product ideal for wet abrasive blasting.


Low dust generation, higher productivity through faster, more efficient cleaning.
Less material costs due to reusability and uniform blasting pattern.

Steel Grit

Steel grit’s superior hardness and precise micro-structure provides maximum durability and impact energy transfer. Highly demanding, aggressive applications are ideal for steel grit. It offers a very fast stripping action for many types of surface contaminates from steels and other foundry metals. Softer than aluminum oxide, but still angular in shape, steel grit will not fracture as easily making it perfect for creating an etched surface on metal. Exceeds the life of common abrasive materials by nearly 1,000 to 1 reducing raw material costs. Quickly strips contaminants from steel and foundry metals. Used in wheel blast and pressure operated blast systems.

Steel Shot

Steel shot is a wrought carbon steel blast media whose performance is low in friability. Excellent for stripping, cleaning and improving metal surfaces. Steel shot is manufactured into a round ball shape that results in a smooth and polished surface. The peening action of the steel shot produces improved compressive strength to metal surfaces. Used by both air powered and wheel blast systems.

Walnut Shells

Walnut shells are excellent soft grit abrasives used in blast cleaning and tumbling. Walnut shell grit is used in applications that require aggressive stripping or cleaning without damage or effect on the underlying subtrate. Organic and biodegradable, walnut shell is extremely durable, angular in shape but considered a soft abrasive.